A mezze dinner party!

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There’s nothing better than having some friends over to share a meal. Inspired by my colleague Kathryn’s menus of Cardamom and Tea, I compiled my favorite mezze recipes, perfect for grazing for hours while enjoying refreshments, jokes and laughs. I also included a shopping list and schedule to make everything super stream-lined for you.

The menu: mezze dinner party

Hummus drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and Aleppo pepper
Muhammara topped with extra walnuts
Tabbouleh, option to sub quinoa for the bulgur to make gluten free
Labneh (store bought) drizzled with olive oil and dried mint
Za’atar and sumac pita chips
Cherry tomatoes
Persian cucumbers

Grocery List


Fine bulgur wheat (or quinoa)
Pita bread
Dried chickpeas
1.5 lbs walnuts
Pomegranate molasses
Extra virgin olive oil
Baking soda


Aleppo pepper
Dried mint
1.5 lbs Turkish or Aleppo pepper paste


8 lemons
4 bunches of parsley
1 bunch mint
3 Roma tomatoes
4 green onions
1 jalapeño pepper
1 clove of garlic
6 persian cucumbers
1 pint cherry tomatoes




The Schedule

4 days before

Go grocery shopping

3 days before

Make muhammara (20 mins)

2 days before

Wash and spin the parsley, lay flat to dry for several hours (15 mins)
Separate the parsley leaves and chop, store in an paper towel-lined air-tight container (30 mins)
Soak the chickpeas with baking soda

1 day before

Cook the chickpeas (1.5 hours)
Make hummus, don’t dress (15 mins)
Cut pita bread into wedges, drizzle with olive oil, salt and za’atar or sumac. Place in 400 degree oven for 8 mins, store in air-tight container (10 mins)

Morning of

Assemble tabbouleh by first adding the bulgur to a large mixing bowl and combining with dressing ingredients. Layer chopped parsley and other veggies on top. Don’t mix until shortly before serving (20 mins)
Wash cherry tomatoes
Quarter persian cucumber and cover until ready to serve (5 mins)
Set the table
Designate serving platters

Hour before

Plate the hummus and dress with olive oil and Aleppo pepper
Plate the muhammara and dress with extra walnuts and olive oil
Plate labneh and dress with olive oil and dried mint
Plate olives
Plate cucumbers and cherry tomatoes
Mix tabbouleh and plate